Flag stones are randomly broken pieces of quartzite, sandstones, slates & limestone which have approximately regular thickness. Sizes available are 4″ (100mm)to 8″(200mm), 8″(200mm)-15″(400mm), 12″(300mm)-24″(600mm) and other custom sizes with different thicknesses of 10mm to 50mm. Slate flags are also available.

Architectural cobble: stones are hand crafted pavers of various thickness. These are applied in paving of pavements, pathways, streets, heavy duty floorings, out-houses, pool-sides, porches etc. areas. We specialize in black & gray color cobbles. Available Sizes are 10cmx10cm , 10cmx20cm, 20cmx20cm, 14cmx14cm, 15cmx15cm, 5.5cmx5.5cmx4cm, with thickness 7cm-8cm, 4cm-7cm & 2cm-3cm, custom sizes for cobbles.

Paving mosaics: We make a range of paving mosaics suitable for swimming pool outdoor and covered

Landscape rocks, stones& articles for water gardens, fish ponds and interiors garden decoration. Holed rocks & quartz rocks are our specialty.  Sizes of rocks vary from 4″ to 20″ or 10cm to 50cm. Sizes of rocks vary from 4″(10cm) to 20″(50cm). We produce Holed natural rocks, rare color quartz stones (Pink, Green, Blue, Crystal, Milky, Golden, Smokey, Gray, Red, Rustic), rare agate stones, rare crystals, cap stones, SPA rocks, aquarium rocks, Marble rocks, Monument rocks, Memorial rocks, Round rocks, Granite flowers, Granite rocks etc.

Elevation mosaics: We carry a range of pebbles, sandstone, limestone and slate mosaics and  which are widely applied in interior and exterior decorations by architects and Interior designers.

Industrial stone & minerals: We also deal in procuring good quality of filter media sand, late-rite bricks, filter media gravels, silex media, dolomite powder, dolomite stones, feldspar stones, feldspar powder, quartz grains, quartz powder, quartz lumps, ramming mass, china clay, fire clay, soda potash, kaolin, etc. minerals which are available in INDIA   

Aquarium pebbles & holed stone for fish aquariums, in almost all colors all originating from India only.

Polished pebbles are also sourced. Sizes ½ to 2inches all sizes available.

Hand crafted natural stone articles & sculptures for interiors & garden decoration. Stone fountains, planters, bird -baths & sittings etc.

Tiles & cut size stones of Slate stones, Sandstones, Quartzite & Limestones also available.

Projects supply: We also have experience of supplying of natural stone products according to project specific requirements. We also specialize in project supplies of filter media stones & filter sand. Other then we can also supply white, golden & black river sands.

Hard-landscaping or hardscaping Stones Solutions for residential, commercial & industrial landscapes with natural stones. Our hard landscaping includes cobbling, paving, water gardens, Zen gardens, Waterfalls & Natural streams, Pools & ponds etc.

Rooftop gardens for 100% eco friendly gardens for apartments, industries, residences and environment friendly buildings. It saves cooling & increasing roof life with latest light weight & traditional technologies combining to give you pleasure of having an own garden without having new land.  

We have control over good volumes & qualities of all above given products.

You can contact us for your bulk import information on any of the above given stone products. We will undertake any of your requirements for building good business relation with you.

If you have any type of natural stones related inquires, which are not mentioned here please don’t hesitate and mail us in reply.