We Mainly Supply: All export quality natural stones pebbles & gravels of all colors and sizes including flat pebbles. We have more than 12 different group colors in pebbles including huge stocks of white, off white, granite red, smoky gray, crimson & plum brown etc.
Other colors are: grape blue, sand yellow, avocado & dull green, black, red etc.

Quartz pebbles,  Flint pebbles, Granite pebbles, Sandstone pebbles, Flat Pebbles, Semiprecious pebbles stones etc.

Mexican Beach Pebbles

Mexican Beach Pebbles

River pebbles

River Pebbles

All of our pebbles are truly natural stones either these are machined or naturally collected. Our stones are made of quartzite & metamorphic rocks sedimentary & igneous rocks etc.

Most of our pebbles are made of hard stone configuration which got its smooth clear shapes owing to mighty water flows of grate Indian rivers. These stones got their shapes millions of years back when the crushing water flowed across hundreds of kilometers of widths in the mighty river as per the geological findings of the scientists & geologists.

Thus what we are selling to you is not just a piece of mere stone but these hard stones had read a millions of years history before being discovered by you.

Originating from the natural mines these elegant stones are quarried in eco-friendly ways to materialize your decorative ideas.

All of our stones are hand-collected and washed after coming from spread of sand & stones. Collecting these stones from manually from a very large spread of area make it more difficult job. All jobs in processing of these pebble stones are completely manual

Sorting , washing and packing all are important part of the pebbles handcollection.

We are producing these stones since 1993 & supplying to our retail, project & wholesale customers to satisfy the end users.Categorization of pebbles according to size, shape and shades make it q unique process of dividing the natural combination of pebbles shades. Pebbles from different parts of India in different colors and sizes.

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